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The villages of the island, familiar and yet so different than the others in Cyclades, await to offer their hospitality.


Andros or Hora, as it is locally called, is the capital of the island and, beyond any challenge, the nicest town. The mid-ages style houses, the neo-classical and island-type ones, in addition to the narrow alleys, the museums and the beaches, are the main attractions for every visitor. Close to Hora is Messaria, the medieval center of the island, with Taxiarchis Michail, an important Byzantine church built in 1158. Menites is an all-green village with lots of waters, gardens and big plane-trees. Stenies will impress you, since it is one of the most beautiful villages of the island having lovely mansions. Higher above lies Apikia, well-known thanks to Sariza natural spring and Pithara as well, an ecosystem of great natural beauty with lakes and waterfalls.

In the northern part of the island you will come across two main towns, Gavrio and Batsi. The first hosts the port, while both have the main tourist facilities of the island. Picturesque towns with lot of tavernas and coffee-shops, can offer the visitor all kinds of services and entertainment. Further north you will find many villages, Chartes, Kalivari, Varidi, Amolochos, Vitali, Makrotantalo, Agios Petros. Country villages in a mountainous landscape, ending to nice isolated beaches. Moving higher up from Batsi the visitor will find Katakilos, Aprovatou, Arni and Ateni on the east coast. Half-way to Hora lies Paleopoli, the ancient capital of Andros, a green village built on the steep slope of the mountain, with many important ancient findings, which you can see at the Archeological Museum.

The southern part of the island is dominated by Ormos, a quiet picturesque village with a large beach. At close distance is Aidonia, with the tower-houses, Piso Meria, lovely Korthi, Kaparia, Alamania, Chones. Moving higher, towards the impressive Faneromeni Castle, we will find Piskopio, Lardia, Gianiseo Mesa and Exo Vouni and Kochylou. At the end of "Dipotamata" valley is situated Syneti.