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Beaches in Andros

In Hora area there is the organized beach at Niborio and the marvelous isolated beach at Achla, where you can go by a small boat ("kaiki") as well. You may also try the beaches at Paraporti, Gialia and Piso Gialia.

In Batsi you can choose between "Golden Beach", the large well-organized beach by the town, or the exceptional beaches nearby, like Stivari, Agia Marina and Agios Kyprianos.

In Gavrio area and further north you have a big choice, isolated or bustling ones. Fellos, at close distance from Gavrio, Zorkos, Vitali and Ateni are just a few waiting for you.

In the south, in Korthi area, there is the large beach of the town, Kantouni, the nearby Vintzi and Agia Ekaterini and the more isolated Kalamonari, Bouros, Kremydes. Unforgettable experience will be your visit to "Grias Pidima", an impressive beach very close to Ormos.

In Paleopoli swim at the nice beach of the bay, which you will reach by a short walk.

Escaping from the villages and the crowded places, discover isolated, sandy or rocky beaches. There is a road to most of them, but others are accessible only through old footpaths or by boat.